Receipt Instruction

  • Thank you for your purchase! In order to ensure your satisfaction and better customer service, please read the receipt instruction very carefully and follow the instruction.
    1. 1. Before the delivery driver arrives, have a camera (preferably digital) ready.
    2. 2. Damages
      1. a. After the delivery driver arrives and unloads your box, but before the delivery driver leaves, open and box and inspect the condition of the unit carefully and note any and all damages. Please note that if you do not notate the damages on the delivery slip, we cannot file a damage claim on your behalf with the trucking company.
      2. b. Take pictures of the damages. Visit our warranty claim section and fill out the form as well as upload the pictures. Once a warranty claim is submitted, our part will work on the request within 48 hours.
    3. 3. Returns
      If the merchandise is damaged beyond repair, please call us immediately. You will need to follow the steps to get a replacement unit:
      1. a. Take pictures of damaged unit
      2. b. Notate on the delivery slip that shipment is refused due to shipping damage
      You will have the option of getting a replacement unit or a full refund, once all documents are received.
    4. 4. Wrong unit received
      If you receive a wrong unit you will need to take pictures of the unit and the box mark showing the model number.
      You have the option of keeping the unit. If there is a price difference, we will either refund you the difference or you will need to pay the difference.
      If you choose to return the unit, you will need to keep the unit in its original package with its original packaging material. Do not throw away the pallet. All units need to be returned on pallet.
      If a unit is taken out of the box and used, we cannot accept the return.

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