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  • SCO096 50cc Scooter

    Julia Mann Rhode Island April 11 , 2014

    I have received my gas scooter, and am completely happy and satisfied.

  • GKS002 110cc Go Kart

    Ken Wallace Georgia April 10 , 2014

    Fast friendly service.Will use again in future

  • GKS001 110cc Go Kart

    Kristen Lewis Tennessee April 09 , 2014

    It was quick and easy, and the price was great! I will becoming here for future parts needs.

  • GKS001 110cc Go Kart

    Tyler Mc Kentucky April 03 , 2014

    good quality and comparable price.

  • GKS003 110cc Go Kart

    Jason M South Carolina April 02 , 2014

    I searched all over the internet for great prices and MegaMotorMadness had it all, plus included shipping.

  • SCO045 50cc Scooter

    Martin Verburgt April 01 , 2014

    Ran right out of the delivered box. all I had to do was add gasoline. not too hard to put together with no directions for it. free shipping is awesome. I don't think it does 40 mph though, and I only weigh about 160 lbs.

  • GKS002 110cc Go Kart

    Cath Jackson Louisiana March 23 , 2014

    My son loves go kart. It was really fun to put together for him. Delivery was fast and package looks good.

  • GKS001 110cc Go Kart

    Adam Sanders Florida March 18 , 2014

    I felt that shipping costs were not expensive.We live in a rural area where the ATV sees a lot of off and on road use.My kids sit in it somewhat comfortably.

  • ATV001 110cc ATV

    Allen Nuss February 18 , 2014

    This is a great ATV and a great website. I was pleased that every time I called they either answered or called back. They responded to e-mail and kept me informed via-email. This is a great site and a great company as far as I can see. As of right now I have no complaints.

    The ATV only took about an hour to assemble. Simple to put together. Basic tools are all that where required.

    Prop up the rear end up to get it started. This will really help so that you can use the throttle and let the rear tires spin in the air while it warms up.

  • ATV038 125cc ATV

    Shawn Clawson January 04 , 2014

    The ATV it is nice enough for what it is. It has very little low end power and will stall out on dirt hills even when the rider is only 65 lbs. I have the governor opened all the way up too. On pavement it seems to have an easier time with the inclines. It was easy to assemble and the DVD led you right through each step. Took only about 45 minutes to complete. I am going to guess the battery will be the first thing to be replaced as it is the bare minimum to start the unit and is low quality.

    All and all I think the ATV was good purchase and will serve its purpose while my daughter is small.

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