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  • ATV047 150cc ATV

    Jayden Craven ‏ West Virginia December 08 , 2013

    The hummer we purchased is a great product thus far, and my kiddo loves it. He has had a blast on it. It is a fast machine. It has great power for a quad, and is very well made.

  • ATV058 250cc ATV

    ELIZABETH LAYA Washington December 08 , 2013

    These vehicles are absolutely amazing - we can't believe how fast they go. They love riding them to the park and going up and down all the hills. Best gift we ever bought them. Even though they are more than what we normally would spend for a gift - we felt they were an investment. Instead of buying small stuff that break and get bored with they will play with these for years to come.

  • ATV047 150cc ATV

    Daniel Graber Louisiana December 07 , 2013

    Great company to do business with. You provide the latest and best products and consistent, reliable customer service, as well as offering different payment methods

  • ATV039 150cc ATV

    Evelyn Samuels Virginia December 06 , 2013

    We were so thrilled to see someone finally manufacturing a children's ride on toy with sturdy rubber wheels. I was positively impressed with the quality of this product.

  • ATV035 110cc ATV

    Rachel Monsor Florida December 06 , 2013

    For my daughter's 6th birthday, I wanted to get her an atv. It is very well built and designed for easy of operation.Honestly, there's lots of good stuff about this quad.

  • ATV041 200cc ATV

    Kelly Ivy Texas December 05 , 2013

    It has WAY more power than I imagined. Couldn't be happier... Actually, I just placed an order for a 2nd one so they can use them together.

  • ATV053 150cc ATV

    Daniel Beck ‏ Indiana December 05 , 2013

    Very pleased with the site very easy to find what I was looking for. Nice quads, I should buy another one in the future.

  • ATV053 150cc ATV

    Cristian Ceron Georgia December 01 , 2013

    I have bought from this store in the past.Always good service, quick, will be the correct product.

  • ATV007 400cc ATV

    Shannon Nicely California December 01 , 2013

    This has greatly exceeded our expectations, and having access to repair parts. Great product, providing great fun!

  • ATV060 125cc ATV

    Jason King Illinois November 27 , 2013

    Ride comfortable and safe.A perfect entry level ATV. My son think it's a perfect gift for Thanksgiving.

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